Schedule of RCG Events

Schedule of Events

RCG conduct trials, shows, seminars and other informative events promoting all aspects of
the working Rottweiler. RCG invites judges that work under FCI and ADRK Rottweiler judges that judge during our shows.

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Rottweiler Club of Ghana /German Shepherd Dog Club of Ghana Maiden Specialty Dog Show July 28, 2018

Five days more to go. Register your dogs if you haven't, come let's have fun.

Rottweiler German Shepherd Dog Specialty Show with the Rottweiler club of Ghana

1 month ago


Introducing out N litter ( 4 weeks) from :
Sire : Smat Dog G-Klaus Peter Vigilio Olympio
Freud Haus of Lazic x Arishka s Berega Turi

Dam : Goldie Rottweiler Bomber
Rex Timit Tor x Selin Leon ... See more

1 month ago

Last Part of the Years calendar just got better and interesting. Join us for the fun packed Canine activities. Come lets learn and have
Don’t miss out.

1 month ago

A FB friend questioned, “Why is Sufficient Turn of Stifle Faulty?” It is a valid question and I thought worthwhile discussing. For the Rottweiler to push/drive from the rear with efficient force ... See more

2 months ago

From the July 2019 issue of the Rottweiler Workshop concerning the influence of a correct, well-pronounced sternum.
Shown in the schematic is the result of a Sternum not well-pronounced. Fig 11 is a ... See more

2 months ago

By Tom Coen

It is a matter of record that over the past 35 years we have housed many influential sires. Having an active stud force has allowed ... See more